I currently work for LiDCO as Lead UX Developer. I develop with QML 5.8 for UI prototyping.
As a front-end developer, I'm specialized in bootstrap, CSS preprocessors: less/sass, HTML, JavaScript and QML QT.
As a full stack designer I handle the complete design to the development process. I use Axure and Sketch for wire framing. Overall I'm 60% a designer and 40% a developer.

MSc, Computer Science: E-Business Systems:

I studied following core courses: Business Intelligence & Analytics, Business Engineering with ERP solutions, Databases, User Centered Design, System Specifications (UML) and Web Applications.

Bachelor, Information Technology: Web Development:

I topped-up my AP degree with a bachelor's degree in web development.

AP degree in Multimedia Design:

I studied in Denmark and the US. At Mission College CA, I specialized in digital photography, video editing and front-end programming.

AP degree in Film & Television:

For admission to college, it is required to be intern at a professional photographer or production company. I completed different internships in Denmark and The United Kingdom as part of my degree.