I currently work for LiDCO as Lead UX Developer. I develop with QML 5.8 for UI prototyping.
As a front-end developer, I'm specialized in bootstrap, CSS preprocessors: less/sass, HTML, JavaScript and QML QT.
As a full stack designer I handle the complete design to the development process. I use Axure and Sketch for wire framing. Overall I'm 60% a designer and 40% a developer.

Lead UX / UI Developer

I currently work for LiDCO in London, UK. LiDCO supplies minimally-invasive and non-invasive hemodynamic equipment to hospitals worldwide.

Front-end developer & UX designer / UI tester:

Movolytics is a startup company. They have developed a fuel management app, in order for companies to manage their fleets more profitable, by controlling fuel consumption and fuel wastage. At Movolytics my key responsibilities where responsive web development on product site (CSharp), as well as CTA sites and community sites (bootstrap/HTML5/CSS3). Furthermore I fixed bugs for the testers.

Freelance Photographer:

I was hired to photograph TRH Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, during their visit in Toronto.

Freelance Videographer:

I produced internal videos for Astound: Kick-Off Week My biggest job in Toronto was for Miller Coors exhibitions. I produced a highlight reel video at the exhibition: Miller Coors exhibition

Freelance Videographer & Web Designer:

I produced 50 videos for Microsoft’s youtube channel, for the launch of Office 365: Microsoft 365

Freelance Video Editor & Logger:

I was working freelance as logger/batcher. We used Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premier Pro for video editing.

Intern as Web Developer:

For my undergrad dissertation project, I produced an app in cooperation with Creuna digital bureau. The client was Egmont. We made a Facebook app in Flash actionscript 3.0. The app was nominated at True Award 2013 for best interactive film: www.aedbilletten.dk

Photographer & Web Designer:

Lauritz.com is a European auction house providing online auctions. My job was to photograph items and maintain their website.

Work Experience:

Once again I applied for work experience at the BBC, and this time was at the Television Centre in London. For one week I followed an ENG camera crew around the streets of London. Unfortunately I was not allowed to work, but I gained insight into BBC's operations and processes, national and worldwide.

Work Experience:

First time I gained work experience at the BBC, was in Bristol. I applied for BBC news and sport tour, and fortunately I was selected for the crew. My job was to demonstrate special camera equipment to the public. The equipment was used to produce BBC Earth and BBC Blue Planet.

Freelance Camera operator:

I worked as photographer and assistant on the television program “Extreme Makeover”. I was working on the last 12 episodes.

Camera operator:

I was trained in ENG news production: Camera operating (Sony XD Cam) and editing (Avid News-Cutter). I was also introduced to SNG news production. Every day I was cooperating with a journalist to produce a story for the daily news program.


My first internship was at the worlds oldest movie production company. I was introduced to multi-camera studio productions and OB transmissions. Unfortunately the TV department was forced to end my internship due to financial reasons. 70 employees got sacked the year of 2006. My contract was acquired by Channel 2 Denmark.


My very first job in the industry was copying TV commercials (master-tapes) for distribution. This job gave me an internship at Nordic Film & TV, and I was admitted to Media & Technical College. I gained knowledge about video compression, encoding / decoding digital data stream for distribition.