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Wrapped in a colourful front end screen with cool gamification elements you are awarded points for every task you close, helping you determine your efficiency and effectiveness levels and encourage optimal performance and happiness. Rather than just create a list of one dimensional chores that need completing you are encouraged to add importance, urgency and feedback scores to determine if these things are really making a difference for the better or worse.
Cool features include:

  • 5 Day forecast
  • Unique task scoring
  • Full scheduling functionality
  • Work life balance indicator
  • Game based animations
  • Ability to record Perfect Moments and Storms

In this unique life mapping tool, you finally have the opportunity to see how your life looks across the 13 key life categories that make up the very fabric of your existence. Take the chance to reflect and interact with the inner universe of your past, present and future life journey. Engage with the in built life coach and constellations of achievement to receive advice and tips specific to your progress. Every life map is unique to the user offering infinite possibility, delivered via an interface that has:

  • Simple controls
  • Gamified features
  • Ability to level up
  • Dynamic life map builder
  • Inbuilt life coach interaction
  • Hidden unlockable features and functions

Always wished that you could understand what makes great people great ? Wonder no more about what behaviour traits you need to adopt and employ to behave in the same way. InfinAI’s interactive library provides a unique environment for those wanting to achieve higher levels of performance or just learn the basics for specific areas they wish to target. Sourced from an extensive collection of articles and best-selling books users will visibly notice their personal growth. Key features include:

  • Real time progress tracker
  • Achievements and reward unlocks
  • Bitesize exercises allowing you to drop in and out as needed
  • Positive re-enforcement learning loop
  • Unique habit forming adoption feature

InfinAI: Who you are and Who you want to be


Version 1: CurrentU. InfinAI quickly creates your life map so you can see where your time is going and help you determine if those activities are having the impact you desire for your overall life.

Version 2: FutureU. InfinAI’s technology can help you understand the gap between who you are and who you want to be. Its inbuilt intelligent life coach and re-enforcement feedback loop will help you achieve the goals and behaviours leading you to a new dimension for increased health, wealth, happiness and self-acceptance.

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